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Hanging Lights - 100 Watt LED High Bay Light

For large tent illumination, LED technology for low power requirements, hung inside middle area of tent.

Each $220


Whiskey Barrel Kegerator

Will refrigerate and dispense beer.

Each $250


30" & 36" Round Highboy (Finished Top)

Can be set up with 42" or 30" columns, finished top with black edges, can be used without tablecloths.

Each $12


Cherry Finish Podium

No sound system, mic stand attached if needed.

Each $90



Bar Stools

Black with swivel back.

Each $12





Podium / Lectern Deluxe Model

With AC/DC power and wireless microphone.

Each $130


Public Address Sound System

With AC/DC power and wireless microphone for crowds of up to 5,000.

Each $220


Tent Doors

Vinyl tent double doors for pole and frame tents installed.

Per Set Call for price


44’ x 83’ Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

Simplicity and Elegance tied into one… For an inspired wedding!

Inspired by the sea, the “Tidewater” Sailcloth tent had rapidly become the choice by brides and special event planners. With nautical flair, the sculpted peaks and eaves combine to create an open air event space like nothing you’ve seen before. The translucence of the sail cloth fabric enhances daytime events with natural warm light, and positively glows when lit for the evening gatherings. The Tidewater Sailcloth tent fabric is 100% waterproof and built strong to help assure your special day is not affected by the elements.

Sailcloth tents have become the newest rage in wedding tents. If you are looking for a rental tent that will leave your guests in amazement and cherish the memory of this wonderful day forever, this is the tent for you. This tent has a wood sidepoles and center poles with rounded ends. It is a one piece tent that has no seams and no leak points.

Suggested accessories:

  • 8’ high x 10’ wide Clear café side panels (can be tied up and dropped when needed)
  • Perimeter string lights - low voltage
  • LED Par 200 programmable lights
  • White Garden chairs - a classic look

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44' x 83' Request Quote


60' Wide Structure Tent

60' x 30' Request Quote
60' x 45' Request Quote
60' x 60' Request Quote
60' x 75' Request Quote
60' x 90' Request Quote
60' x 105' Request Quote
60' x 120' Request Quote
60' x 135' Request Quote
60' x 150' Request Quote





White Metal Stanchion with Plastic Chain




Black Retractable Stanchion

Each $20